Palliative Care

Our Palliative Care Assistance

We offer palliative care services at home, throughout SW Wales, including Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire & Swansea.

Our specialist palliative care & support is given with genuine care and sensitivity. This can be a very difficult time for individuals and their families, who may find the situation hard to come to terms with. Our small team of experienced palliative care assistants will endeavour to provide dependable care and support for both the individual and their loved ones. Care Assistants within this specialist and sensitive group will try their best to… (click on the titles for more information on each point below)

Improve quality of life

Our palliative care assistants will carry out all necessary care duties to ensure the best quality of life. They will provide support both emotionally and physically to the individual and their family. Physical care duties can include (but are not limited to) personal hygiene, turning (with individuals who have care provided whilst in bed), catheter care, cooking, assistance with eating & drinking and help with medication. Our carers will be there when you need them, but give you and your loved ones space as required.

Support life and considers dying as a normal part of living

Our palliative care assistants understand that death is part of life. Dying is a normal part of living. This can be very hard to come to terms with, but our care assistants will be there for you to lean on for support and understanding.

Combine psychological and spiritual aspects of care

Palliative care is a very specialist area. Our palliative care assistants have a deep understanding of the psychological and spiritual side of coming to terms with end of life. They will be there to support you when you need them along the way, but will also be aware of times when you want your own space to gather your thoughts.

Offers support to help people live as actively as possible

When possible, our care assistants will help people live as actively as possible. If the individual is still mobile, the carer can assist with walking, or just be there for reassurance. Alternatively they can take you out in a wheelchair for some fresh air and a change of scene, or out to a group or social gathering.

Offers support to help the family cope during a person’s illness and in bereavement

We know it can be as hard for close friends and family as it is for the individual. Trying to put a brave face on and stay positive is so hard when you are struggling to come to terms with losing your loved one. Our palliative care assistants will be there for you. They will not only take away the responsibility of caring for the individual, but they will be there FOR YOU, when you need someone to lean on.

Use a team approach to address the needs of the person who is ill and their families

Croeso Care use a team approach to address the needs of the individual and their family. This team consists of Croeso Care management and care assistants, the individual and their family. We understand the importance of giving the best quality of life possible and that every individual’s needs are different. Our palliative care assistants are specialists in end of life care and will treat you with respect, compassion and understanding.

Enable the individual to keep their identity and to be cared for with dignity at the end of their time

Whilst our care assistants will show compassion and understanding, they will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve.

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