Night Care

Our Night Care Assistance

We offer night care at home throughout SW Wales, including Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion & Swansea.

Croeso Care have a number of specific night care assistants who provide night care between 10pm and 7am. Whether you need regular care at home throughout the night, or just want the reassurance of someone being on hand, we can be there for you.

Waking night care is where the individual requires care throughout the night, perhaps with continence care or a drink, or just for reassurance that they are not alone. Our night care allows the individual to feel safe in the knowledge someone is sleeping in the property with them, and that a carer is “on hand” if an emergency occurs.

Our trained teams of waking night care assistants provide assistance with the duties listed below… (click on the titles for more information on each point below)

Continence management

Night care staff will be on hand to assist you with continence management giving you peace of mind and always respectful of your dignity.

Catheter care

Our night care assistants, fully trained in catheter care, are on hand throughout the night to help you if necessary, taking away any worries you may have.

Assisting with certain medication

If an individual requires regular medication our night care assistants will always be there to help administer or prepare certain ones for the client. This could be just to open packaging, be a reminder to take or to maintain the record of what has been taken and when.

Oxygen care

Assistants will help with oxygen care as and when necessary to give you peace of mind that the client is in capable hands throughout the night.

Tracheostomy care

Night care assistants will be fully trained in tracheostomy care allowing the client and their loved ones reassurance that someone they can trust is in control and everyone can have a comfortable night’s rest.

Peg feeding

Care assistants are able to maintain an individual’s peg feeding during the night, if required. Fully trained in best practices for its management and administration, the client and family members can be safe in the knowledge that the needs of the individual are always met.

Personal care

Our night staff will always endeavour to take care of an individual’s personal needs, helping them feel clean and presentable to maintain their dignity and self-respect.


Sometimes all that is needed is just a bit of reassurance. Someone to make an individual not feel alone and that everything is under control and there is no need to worry. Our night care assistants are there when an individual may be feel at their lowest if the house feels dark and empty.

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