24-Hour Live In Care

Our 24-Hour Live In Care Assistance

Our 24-Hour Live in Care is available across SW Wales, including Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire & Swansea. These specifically trained 24hr Care Assistants provide total home care for each individual, throughout the period of 24hours. These Care Assistants have normally worked within the industry for a minimum of two years and are generally the more mature care assistant, of course if this is the individual’s preference.

This quality service enables an individual to have a choice. A choice to remain in their own home to be cared for on a one to one basis instead of having to be relocated to a Residential Home. This service gives the individual the freedom to go out whenever they wish and to live their lives as they want to. This service is all about complete care, from arranging Doctors or other professional visits when needed, to the management of the individual’s home.

A 24hr Care Assistant not only provides care and choice for an individual, but also enables the family to continue to be family members and not carers themselves, having to provide the personal care that sometimes they would have to. It also enables the family to continue with their own lives, safe within the knowledge that the individual is in their own home, being cared for and looked after.

The 24hr Care Assistants provide all the services that the Day Care Assistant and Night Care assistants provide, and as we realise that each individual is completely different, packages are tailored for each person separately. Available services are… (click on the titles for more information on each point below)

Assisting to get up each day

Helping to get an individual out of bed in a way that respects an individual’s wishes.

Assisting with washing, showering, bathing, and dressing of your choice

Getting an individual ready for the day ahead and assisting with their personal care, according to their needs and preferences.

Oral hygiene

Assisting with aspects of oral hygiene as needed, including help with dentures or arranging dental appointments as necessary.

Assisting or administering certain medication

The 24-hour care assistant will be in control of an individual’s medication requirements if legally able, keeping record and making sure correct dosages are taken at the correct times.

Catheter care

Your 24hr live in assistant will be fully trained in catheter care giving the individual confidence this is being managed professionally in accordance with best medical practices.

Continence care

You can rest assured that your care assistant is there for you for all your needs, however personal. Someone you can be confident in and trust to help you as much or as little as you wish while being respectful of your dignity.

Dementia support

The carer will be fully trained and aware of the needs of the individual. They will establish a routine that best suits the person involved and be that same friendly face they see to help them throughout the day and night.

Colostomy care

The carer will be trained to assist with all aspects of colostomy care and have a level of involvement that is comfortable for the individual to maintain their dignity.

Tracheostomy care

All night staff will have the relevant training to be able to assist with tracheostomy care in line with current guidelines and procedures.

Oxygen care

The carer will be competent in the administering of an individual’s oxygen care.

Peg feeding

Specific training will have been given to any care assistants who are involved with peg feeding, giving you confidence that you are in safe hands.

Food preparation and assisting with eating and drinking if necessary

Our care assistants can give you as much help as you need with all of your meals. This includes food preparation and assisting with eating and drinking if necessary. Of course, you can choose your own meals and your carer will assist as much or as little as you like. Your carer will always be respectful of your kitchen and appliances, leaving it clean and tidy.

Assisting with lunch and evening meals

Your carers can assist with lunch and evening meals, either just providing a little assistance or preparing the whole meal for you – a meal of your choosing of course. They can also help with eating and drinking if necessary – letting you take your time to enjoy the meal.

Assisting into nightwear of your choice and into bed

Your carer can help you into the nightwear of your choice and help you into bed if required. They will prepare your bedroom for the night; drawing the curtains, putting a glass or water by the bed and maybe a nightcap to help you sleep!

Accompanying on shopping visits

Your carer can take you out to the shops to choose your own shopping, get a breath of fresh air and socialise amongst your community. You can feel safe knowing your carer will always be on hand should you need them, assisting as much or as little as you need.

Accompanying to Doctors, Dentists, Hospital, Podiatrist appointments

You can rely on your carer to get you ready for a particular appointment such as the doctors, hospital, dentist or podiatrist. They will get you there on time, without feeling rushed and safe in the knowledge that you are in their safe hands at all times.

Accompanying to Hairdressers or to social gatherings

Your carer can take you to the hairdressers or any social gathering. They can help get you ready and there on time, without feeling rushed, so that you can enjoy your day. You can feel safe knowing your carer will always be on hand should you need them, assisting as much or as little as you need.

Accompanying to their place of worship, and visiting family and extended family

Our care staff can take you to your place of worship or to visit family and extended family, assisting as required.

General light house duties tailored to each individual’s needs, such as laundry and ironing, vacuuming and general tidying

Care staff can perform light house duties if required, such as laundry, ironing or vacuuming.


Sometimes all that is needed is just a bit of reassurance. Someone to make an individual not feel alone and that everything is under control and there is no need to worry. Our care assistants are there when an individual may be feel at their lowest if the house feels dark and empty.

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